Mom Responds On Facebook After Crazy Diner Owner Screams At Her Toddler

Woman shares the whole story on Facebook…

Dining out with your kids is meant to be a fun-filled event, but it didn’t turn out that way for this family, after a ‘deranged’ diner owner shouted at a little girl because she was crying.


We’ve all been in restaurants and seen kids drawing a little too much attention to themselves. Some kids behave badly, others talk a little loudly and others get upset. It can be annoying for some people, but this is just all part of being a child.

The important thing is to respond in the right way. Parents need to defend their kids, but they should also know when action needs to be taken to help them calm down. Meanwhile, other diners or restaurant staff need to be able to defuse the situation, if necessary, in a calm manner.

Sadly, that’s not at all what happened over at Marcy’s Diner in Portland, Oregon, recently.

A couple arrived with their little girl, who was nearly two years old at the time. At that age, kids can be very unpredictable and irritable, and the toddler started to get upset. She began crying and continued for around 40 minutes, according to diner owner Darla Neugebauer.

Neugebauer then took matters into her own hands, banging her fists on the counter and shouting “This has got to stop.”

The mother of the little girl was shocked by this experience and wrote a response to Neugebauer on Facebook:

“I had the worst experience at this establishment. The owner is an absolute lunatic and screamed in the face of my almost 2-year-old child because she was crying. Who in their right mind would behave like this unless you are deranged?”

The post quickly went viral, encouraging local news teams to investigate the story. When interviewed, Neugebauer said she did the right thing and had no regrets, but other people then started to come out with their out complaints about the diner.

Some callers claimed that Neugebauer spit in their meals, while others made fake accounts in the diner owner’s name and used them to insult her further. Neugebauer is now planning to sue for defamation, and isn’t at all happy with how this story has turned out.

It’s hard for us to judge one way or another, as we don’t really have all the facts. Either way, Neugebauer admitted to shouting at this little girl, and that just seems wrong. Young children can be badly-behaved from time to time, but if you want to run a family-friendly establishment, you need to be ready for that sort of thing.

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  1. Crying for 40 minutes? That is not acceptable in any situation. It doesn’t matter if they’re dining in McDonald’s or at the Ritz….40 minutes is the parent’s fault & they should have left if the little one couldn’t be settled down!