Mom Miscarries 3 Times, So She Visits Her Doctor, Who Finds Something Extremely Shocking

Thanks to The Doctors, she didn’t have to live with the wrong diagnosis!

Emilee and Shane, her husband, have always hoped to have their home filled with children of their own. Around six months since they got married, Emilee got pregnant, however unfortunately, she ended up miscarrying…


Despite being able to conceive yet again, her first son was prematurely born at around 31 weeks. She endured two additional miscarriages before having another son, also born prematurely at only 29 weeks. He was later diagnosed as having cerebral palsy.

Since her second son was born, Emilee chose to donate her eggs and help another mom who was  trying to have a baby of her own. During one exam, her doctor noticed she had a condition that she never knew about. She had uterus didelphys, meaning she had two uteri, two cervices, and even two entire vaginal canals.

“It’s not something you can see on the outside,” explained Emilee. “They told me I had a higher chance of miscarriage and preterm labor.”

The couple wanted to have more kids, but her condition put not only her, but her potential children at risk of major health issues. That’s the point where the hosts on television’s The Doctors decided to figure out if her diagnosis was accurate or not.

They brought in a new doctor, Dr. Tina Koopersmith, to give her a second and fresh opinions. The couple really didn’t think that it would change anything or give them hope for future children.

“A normal uterus is sort of a T,” revealed Tina. “She basically has a T with the littlest divot at the top, and then inside that normal-shaped uterus, she has two cavities.”

While this seemed to be only a minor distinction, it actually changed everything! Emilee’s prior diagnosis gave her only an 80% change of miscarrying, while this new diagnosis reversed the odds, and gave her an 80% chance that she could carry her next pregnancy to its full term. What a difference!

The doctors were confident that if she underwent a minor surgery, the couple’s dream of making a huge family can come to life!

“I’m feeling hopeful!” Emilee said.

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