Mom Meets Her Newborn After An Emergency C-Section, And You Won't Believe How The Baby Responded

They say babies can’t see or acknowledge much after birth, but this baby definitely has a sixth sense for his mom!

If you aren’t a parent, you probably can only wonder what it feels to hold your newborn infant for the very first time, or look into their eyes and know they will be a part of you forever. It’s a stunning experience that changes you as a person…


Regardless of everything that ends up happening inside hospital rooms, whether it’s labor or complications that result in a C-section, the moment the doctor brings you your new baby girl or boy, it all melts away and becomes so entirely worth it.

In the footage below, a tired mom gets to meet her baby son after a very difficult birthing experience.

Trust us, you’ll need some tissues ready to handle their heart-melting meeting!

The video, taken in Portland, Oregon, is of an exhausted mom just after giving birth, still on the doctor’s operating table.

Her actual labor lasted for over 10 hours, however doctors had to tell her that the baby’s heart rate rose and they would need to do an emergency cesarian section. Terrifying!

But ultimately, this moment made it all worthwhile.

The nurse brought over the newborn baby boy and placed him on his mom’s chest, close enough for their faces to touch. Mom immediately gave the newborn a few very gentle kisses, as Dad cheered her on and exclaimed “Good job!” as he filmed.

They both lay there, skin on skin, just silently familiarizing themselves with one another and happy to be in the other’s company. Their bond will clearly last forever!

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