Mom Is Worried That Her Home Is Haunted, Then A Message Appears On The Window

If you don’t believe in the supernatural, this story might change your mind

You might believe in the supernatural, you might not. Either way, some stories are just too spooky and strange to be explained rationally. We’ll probably never know for sure if ghosts do exist, but some people have lived through supernatural experiences and are completely convinced that what they saw was real.

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The story occurred in East Yorkshire, England, back in 2011.

A young mom started noticing some weird things happening in her house.

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The woman’s name was Emma Keeitch, and she lived with her daughter and boyfriend, Jamie.

Emma had recently given birth to a baby girl and, in the months that followed, her house seemed to suddenly become haunted. The weird activity continued for several years.

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Electrical appliances would turn themselves on and off, doors would open and shut without anyone around, pictures would move and objects would seemingly be thrown around. In short, this had all the signs of a classic haunting.

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In the photo above, we can see that one of the screws is missing from the door hinge. Emma says that this screw popped out all by itself.

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Emma called in some help in the form of a special investigator, but it didn’t go well. The investigator said that something had hit her in the face and pushed her to the ground, so she decided to leave for fear of her own safety.

Even Emma’s mom fell victim to the supernatural forces. She felt like she was being choked as soon as she stepped into the family home.

Other guests also said that they saw the face of a baby looking at them in one of the mirrors. Creepy, huh?

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But the worst was yet to come.

One day, Emma was shocked to noticed that a word had been written in the condensation on her window. It simply said “move”.

She didn’t need to be told twice. Emma and Jamie grabbed Phoebe and ran away.

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The couple then had to decide whether they should sell the house and move on or try and fight back.

They decided to get in touch with a paranormal investigator named Elliott Ainley. Ainley spent some time in the home and confirmed the presence of a poltergeist.

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Ainley believed that the ghosts of a mother and a baby were haunting the home.


Apparently, the mother had lived in the home many years ago and still seemed to believe that it was hers.

“They appear to have both died quickly and tragically,” Ainley said. “The master bedroom proved to be a very active area. All three of us were in this room calling out for the spirit when I had a TV remote control thrown across the room at me.”

Ainely had a lot of experience dealing with the paranormal, but this case was one of the biggest he’d ever taken on. He encouraged Emma to speak to someone from the church in order to perform an exorcism.

She got in touch with Reverend Tom Willis, who spent a day in the home trying to force the spirits to leave.

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Upon returning to the home, Emma said that it felt very different. The home was at peace and it even smelled better. She felt safe enough to let the rest of the family move back in.

Ever since then, the family have lived happily in the home, with no more paranormal activity to speak of.

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