Mom Is Overjoyed To Be Expecting Twin Girls, Then Hears One Baby Was Born Without A Brain

The parents-to-be were blown away by the diagnosis

Will and Charlotte were over the moon to learn they were expecting two little bundles of joy instead of one. However, that feeling was short-lived. Awaiting the arrival of their identical twin girls, the hopeful parents were given some heartbreaking news: one of the babies would be born without most of her brain. 

Instead of uplifted spirits, Will and Charlotte left their 13-week ultrasound with heavy hearts. Little baby girl Sophia was developing perfectly inside her mother’s womb. However, that was more than doctors could say for the other twin.  expectant parents were devastated

Aniyah was diagnosed with encephalocele. In short, the child’s brain was developing in a fluid-filled sac outside the placenta. Doctors tried their best to deliver the baby’s grim diagnosis. The fact

The fact was, if Aniyah miraculously made it to the delivery room, there was absolutely no chance she’d survive through the night.

While completely heartbroken, the soon-to-be-parents refused to lose hope. Charlotte and Will focused on their two little girls, purchasing two mobiles, two infant car seats, and two matching cribs.

Finally, it came time for Charlotte to deliver her twin girls. In July of 2016, Aniyah and Sophia entered the world. The couple cherished their daughter’s first few breaths, thinking they’d be her last. Little did they know, tiny Sophia was a fighter.

The first four hours turned into the next morning. Miraculously, the doctor’s predictions were entirely wrong. Sophia made it through the night just fine and was even headed for surgery to correct her brain abnormality.

Months later, Aniyah and her twin celebrated their homecoming. They girls knew it’d happen eventually … after all, you don’t leave a twin behind.

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