Mom Heads To First Ultrasound, Then Doctor Says Baby's Brains Are Spilling Out Of His Skull

Small but mighty, this little guy beat the odds to survive.

Heading to her 4D ultrasound, Jennifer Snowden could barely contain her excitement. Seeing her unborn baby on the screen was truly magical … until the doctor revealed some devastating news. Baby Ascher would be born with a rare deformity. In short, his brains were pouring out of his skull.

Hearing the ultrasound technician utter the phrase “there’s something really wrong with your baby,” Jennifer’s heart instantly sank. The devastating news seemed absolutely surreal!

It couldn’t be her child they were talking about. Her baby already had a name, a nursery, two loving parents, everything an unborn child could ever want!

If baby Ascher somehow miraculously survived until term, doctors assured Jennifer her son wouldn’t make it through the night. Even so, the mom-to-be refused to lose hope.

Jennifer Snowden/Instagram

“I remember asking her, ‘Have you ever seen a case where a baby gets better or is born and defies the odds?’” Jennifer questioned. “She looked at me and said, ‘No.’”

While most mothers would have opted for the doctor advised abortion, that simply wasn’t an option for Jennifer. According to her, all babies were entitled to a chance at life, even if it was only for a few short moments in time.

That’s when Jennifer was given the miracle she’d hoped for. Going in for a second ultrasound, the pregnant mom was told baby Ascher’s brain had magically seeped back into his skull.

The woman’s doctor was utterly speechless. There was simply NO logical explanation for the sudden change whatsoever!


Ascher was welcomed into the world with open arms. While they had mentally prepared to hold their son for a mere few seconds, Jennifer and her husband were pleasantly surprised.

Today, they’re parents to a healthy little boy. Tiny Ascher was, and always will be, their miracle baby.

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