Mom Having Seizure At Supermarket Saved By Unlikely Hero

What a series of events!

One might not think twice about a Farm Crest Milk Stores employee. Then again, one might not know that she is a hero.

One afternoon in 2016, a mother by the name of Jessica and her baby daughter Annabelle were browsing at the store. Jessica was holding her baby girl as she went to the register.

In the video below, you can see Rebecca talking to Annabelle, but she soon realizes something is wrong.

Rebecca tried to communicate with Jessica, but Jessica was unable to reply. Jessica suddenly tipped back and started falling. Poor Jessica was having an epileptic episode at a very disastrous time.

According to her, she can usually tell when a seizure is imminent, but this one came out of nowhere.

Rebecca, who has her own kids and grandkids, took charge. Watch the video below to witness the unbelievable series of events. She truly is a hero.

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