Mom Gives Birth To Twin Girls, But They Have Different Skin And Hair Colors

How did that even happen?!

Excited about giving birth to twins, Michelle Zahniser from Brooksfield, Ohio did not expect what would happen. After she gave birth, the doctor handed her two babies that were surprisingly dissimilar.


“I wondered if they gave me the wrong babies at first,” Michelle said in an interview.

The two twins share very little physical similarities, and this had people denying that they are twins when Michelle told them.

“She has brown eyes and I have blue eyes,” Riley observes about herself and her sister Olivia, who bears a closer resemblance to her father, who is of Puerto Rican descent. “She has curly hair and I have straight hair.”

Riley has blonde hair and her skin is fair, attributes she inherited from her mother.

“I get different reactions — some people say I’m lying, ‘they’re not twins,’ some try to sugarcoat it and say they look alike,” says Michelle.

Born on Mother’s Day, the twins are the best present Michelle has gotten and even though they may look different, Michelle says it’s only because they represent the best of both worlds.

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