Mom Gets Criticized For Sharing A Photo After Her C-Section, Now She's Shutting The Haters Down

No matter your opinion, there is no arguing with the copious joy in this pic.

Childbirth and child rearing are the kind of subjects that everyone has an opinion on, whether they are parents themselves or not. The method of child delivery is always a hot topic, but it is easy to get so invested in the argument that you forget that the end result is the absolute miracle that is a newborn baby.

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While there are many who believe that childbirth via Caesarian sections are both dangerous and a way around the grueling task of natural childbirth, for many woman its a method that is unavoidable. There are many downsides to a c-section, including longer hospital stays, additional costs and lack of mobility during those first amazing days with bub. However, for many women it is the only way to safely deliver their child into the world.

That’s why this touching photo is so important.

Thaise De Mari, her husband and their newborn daughter Carmel were snapped just after the baby was delivered via C-section. Their faces say it all.

De Mari, an online fashion store owner, documented her pregnancy with both candid and professional photos.

This one with their dog Anja is especially beautiful.

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One of the most moving photos that De Mari shared was the first post-birth photo below. While there was plenty of praise for the new parents, De Mari also faced some backlash.

Some followers alleged that the happy image was faked, while others judged De Mari for having a c-section. In defense of this negative feedback, she reposted the original photo and urged haters to remember that she was simply sharing the happiest moment of her life with those she cares about.

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Now, Carmel is an adorable 3-month-old, and seems to have their mother’s eye for fashion.

That is one well-dressed baby.

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Little Carmel has settled right into her loving family, especially with her furball sibling, Anja.

As Thaise De Mari shared the below pic of the sweet siblings, “Status: in a serious relationship of great fidelity, companionship and unconditional love!”

Instagram | @thaisedemari

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