Mom Films Toddler Going To Town On Whipped Cream

Guaranteed to be the cutest thing you’ll see all day.

Whipped cream is maybe a universal indulgence. I personally have never met anyone who dislikes how it tastes. Maybe the best thing about it is that it works as a complement and as a standalone dessert. You can have whipped cream and strawberries or just whipped cream and still be satisfied.


This toddler’s reaction is why the world can’t get enough of this velvety-sweet foam. She is just so taken by the taste that she becomes oblivious to all those around her, just so that she can cherish it.

The video, shot by the baby’s mother, shows the cutie on a chair when her mother comes to her with a can of whipped cream. Her delight is evident as she realizes what’s coming next. Her mother sprays some on her table and just like that, the little girl is in a world of her own.

She grabs hold of some, and instantly puts her hand in her mouth. After taking in the first taste, the baby starts getting rid of the leftover whipped cream with reckless abandon.

With her eyes wide open, the baby seems as though she is in survival mode, eating every last bit of the whipped cream as fast as she can, as though it might be taken away at a moment’s notice.

When she returns to earth, the mother asks her ‘Do you want more?’ to which she replies ‘Yes’ and the process repeats all over again.

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