MLB Star Adrian Gonzalez Refuses To Stay At Trump Hotel

Dodgers baseman decided to find a separate hotel on recent team trip

We all have our opinions on Donald Trump. And Mr Trump has his opinions on everyone else. One guy who probably won’t be voting for the Republican presidential candidate is MLB star Adrian Gonzalez, after he recently refused to even stay one night in Trump’s Chicago hotel.



Back in May of this year, the LA Dodgers played a regular-season series against the Chicago Cubs. As usual, the team chose to stay in the Trump International Hotel and Tower. Well, all of the team except one man.

First basemen Adrian Gonzalez decided to find his own hotel elsewhere, and it’s not too hard to guess why. Gonzalez himself was evasive on the subject, stating simply that he “had [his] reasons” for choosing to stay elsewhere.

As a Mexican-American, we can imagine that Gonzalez was surely not happy with some of Mr Trump’s proposed policies, should he be elected as President of the United States.

Trump has famously stated that if he wins the election, he’ll build a wall along the Mexican border to prevent any more illegal Mexican immigrants from making their way into the US. He also claims that he’ll make the Mexican government pay for the construction of the wall.

It’s not surprising that this idea doesn’t sit well with many people, particularly those with Mexican heritage. Gonzalez has strong ties with the country and works with various charities to help underprivileged Mexican people, so it’s easy to see why he didn’t want to stay in one of Trump’s luxury hotels.

Still, the MLB star consistently refused to discuss his reasoning, stating simply that “We’re here to play baseball, not talk politics.”

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