Melania Appears To Reject Donald Trump's Hand in Rome A Day After Israel "Hand Swat" Went Viral

The First Lady seemed to avoid President Trump’s reach in new footage.

Upon arriving in Rome on Wednesday, the media caught another moment in which Melania Trump appears to reject president Donald Trump’s hand for the second time while abroad. Previously, Melania seemed to swat away President Trump’s hand as he reached for hers on the red carpet in Tel Aviv, Israel, and it spread like wildfire on social media.


A viral clip shows Melania swatting President Trump’s hand away as he reached for hers on the red carpet in Tel Aviv this Monday, and it has become an internet sensation. The clip was posted on Twitter by the Israeli news outlet Haaretz, with the caption: “Well this is embarrassing.”

Melania also seemed to avoid holding his hand upon their arrival in Rome, as a video shows her quickly raising her hand to brush her hair aside when he reached for her.

Despite these couple of instances, the Trumps do appear hand in hand several times throughout the foreign trip. They reportedly held hands just minutes following the “hand swat” on the red carpet, and also upon their arrival at the Church of Holy Sepulchre. They also held hands briefly during their Saudi Arabia visit while entering the Global Center for Combating Extremist Ideology.

Much of the Internet has taken this to mean trouble in paradise, especially following the viral video of Melania during her husband’s inauguration, where she appears to frown immediately after he turns away from her.

However, the real reason, if any, behind the hand swat, is unclear. It is possible Melania didn’t want to oppose protocol, since Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his wife were not holding hands at the time.

Twitter On the “Hand Swat”

Social media has jumped at the opportunity to comment on the couple’s relationship, and add some comedy to the video.

One person said: “Donald Trump’s first international trip is quickly turning into a display of Melania’s hand-eye coordination.”

Another user posted: “For a second straight day, gotta hand it to Melania.” The Shadow League also tweeted a clip of the handswat on repeat.