Meet Zoë, the Cat Who Wears Her Heart on Her Chest

It goes to show just how loving this cat actually is!

Every cat is truly unique, but some have quirks about them that we think are absolutely adorable, like Zoë!

Every cat has a different personality type, some feisty, some lazy, and some that are just plan cute! Some cats, such as the Tuxedo cat, also have amazing patterns in their fur that makes them even more unique. The white and black coats they have gives them them the appearance that they’re wearing a tuxedo and ready to attend a Great Gatsby party- it’s just so adorable! For one kit, Zoë, the patterns happens to merge in a way that make it appear to be a heart shape on her chest. For this loving cat, nothing could be more perfect!

Her parents-to-be noticed Zoë when they originally were only going to adopt her sister.

They then noticed the unique pattern on her fur and how it resembled a heart.

Source: Instagram @izzyandthefluff

So they adopted the both of them and kept them together as a family!

Zoë now warms the heart of any person who sees her.

Source: Instagram @izzyandthefluff

She’s often called “The Fluff” due to of the length of her fur, but also appropriately called the”Queen Of Hearts.”

Zoë and sister Izzy earned a whopping 82,000 Instagram followers!

Source: Instagram @izzyandthefluff

Izzy and Zoë often share the attention.

Zoë fits the curious type while Izzy stays adventurous.

Source: Instagram @izzyandthefluff

Who can get their fill of this cuteness overload?

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via Instagram / @izzyandthefluff

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