Marine Leaves A Heartbreaking Message For His Wife, Months Before Being Killed In Action

She’ll never forget what he said to her

Brittney and Hunter Hogan fell in love and simply didn’t want to wait to get married. They enjoyed a wonderful wedding, but then Hunter had to leave for Afghanistan. On the day of his departure, Hunter left a touching message for his new wife. Sadly, he would never see her again.


Brittney struggled to cope with the loss of her husband.

The couple had enjoyed a whirlwind romance, with Brittney being just 20 years old when they got married. The newly-weds even decided to move to North Carolina to be closer to Hunter’s military base.

Sadly, Hunter was called off to serve his country in Afghanistan. He left the United States, telling Brittney “I know I’m going to come home to you because I have you to come home to.”

Tragically, Hunter would not be able to keep that promise. He died in action, just 5 months after getting married.

Naturally, Brittney was devastated. She struggled to hold down a job and started drinking.

Eventually, she knew she had to do something to get out of her depression, so she started to run. Over time, this simple exercise became a real hobby, with the young woman even managing to complete a bunch of marathons.

Shortly afterwards, she decided to try and make a career out of her love of running, launching her own fitness clothing line: Virago Fitness.

The business is doing well, with a percentage of all profits going towards USO and the HD Hogan Memorial Rodeo Scholarship Fund, which Brittney founded alongside Hunter’s father.

Brittney hopes to see her business grow even bigger, and even plans on offering jobs to veterans. It’s her way of honoring Hunter and preserving his memory. We think she’s doing a great job! If you agree, be sure to SHARE this article!