Manny Pacquiao Strikes Again! Generous Boxer Builds Orphanage In The Philippines.

The Pac-Man is definitely one of the most generous athletes out there, especially after doing this!

Well folks, the Pac-Man has managed to strike again! This time, celebrated boxer Manny Pacquiao struck us right in the heart…

What did the boxer do?

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Well, not too much, just funding the entire construction of this massive orphanage!


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The orphanage is in the town of Malungon, Sarangani, a region in the Philippines.


Construction began around one year ago, and has just been completed!

It will provide much needed housing for all ages of children!


Manny has planned on visiting children in the orphanage often in order to show how much he loves each and every child, and to stress his belief in God’s importance.

What a wonderful man!

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