Manny Pacquiao Isn't Just A Great Boxer, He's An Amazing Father Too!

Every man could learn a thing or two from this boxer/politician/singer/father combo!

For boxer Manny Pacquiao, life seems pretty simple. You might think that’s odd considering his crazy hectic line of work, but politcs and boxing are only the Pac-Man’s day jobs…

The only job he works full-time is being a father. His family and his faith are the most important aspects of his life, and you can really see how strongly he feels for both in everything he does.

Anyone who follows Manny on various social media sites will know just how much the loving father cares for his family.

Below is a photo of Manny and wife Jinkee, the woman who he states is “everything to him”. He wrote: “You are not only the best wife in the world, but you are the best mother to our kids.”

Instagram | @mannypacquiao

Here’s the dad sharing one of the most precious moments ever hanging out with his son, Israel.

Manny and wife Jinkee have 5 kids – two daughters, and three sons.

Instagram | @mannypacquiao

The boxer and politician knows just how crucial it can be to influence your kids in only the best ways.

To do so, you have to spend loads of time with family, so Manny tries to cram in as much home-time as possible when he isn’t training.

Instagram | @mannypacquiao

For guidance with his family and life in general, Manny often consults the Bible.

To harness the healing powers of positivity, he often quotes Proverbs 17:22: “A cheerful heart is good medicine, but a crushed spirit dries up the bones.”

Instagram | @mannypacquiao

Manny has some truly wise words he feels parents everywhere should hear.

It’s one of the most recurring themes in most of his posts on social media. He says, “Every father should remember that one day his son will follow his example instead of his advice.”

Instagram | @mannypacquiao

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