Man Yells "Hello!" At Noisy Construction Team. He Is Shocked By What They Do Next.

Man always smiled at a Construction Team so they gave him a surprise that will melt your heart…

Rich Nowakowski always woke up with a smile on his face. Not because he was greeted by the the smell of bacon or the sweet sound of silence in the morning. Nope. He woke up to the sound of iron drills and sledgehammers. 

His Wisconsin neighborhood had been steeped under major construction work for the past two months, constantly whirring and buzzing with the sound of electric drills and the banging of hammer against anvil. This left everyone in the neighborhood feeling grumpy. Everyone except Rich, who always welcomed the day with a smile.

However, he didn’t just welcome the day at large. He openly greeted and welcomed the Construction Crew as well.

Every day he would shout “hello” at them, and follow the greeting with well-meaning compliments on their work.

Gary Aide, foreman at Benoy Masonry, said that Rich had “something different”, which made him “happy all the time.”

His open-armed welcome really touched the Construction Crew. However, life hasn’t always been easy on this charming man. After 33 years as a mailman, he was forced into an early retirement owing to a stroke 12 years prior which left him stuttering and fumbling for words.

Even though he can’t talk much, he continues to brighten up the days of his fellow man. Touched by Rich’s general attitude in life, the Construction Crew wanted to bring some early Holiday Cheer to his home.

The crew gathered around his yard and Gary handed Rich a plain white envelope.

In the following video you can see Rich excitedly tearing the white envelope to find the most amazing gift! A pair of tickets to a Packers game, along with some extra cash!

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