Man Undergoes Transformation On Live TV After Growing Hair For 6 Years, And He Looks Fantastic

Those are some seriously long locks!

It’s not uncommon for teenagers to act rebellious towards their parents. They all experience that phase in their lives where challenging their parents’ rules becomes the only thing they want to do. So naturally when Joe, a teenage waiter working at Max Brenner, a restaurant in New York, learned that his parents disapproved of longer hair, he took on the ultimate challenge!

A whopping six years had passed and Joe now shows off his luxurious locks, a newfound aspect of his trademark look.

In the clip below you can witness Joe undergoing a major transformation… doing so on live television no less!

The famous daytime-show host, Rachael Ray, invited Joe to her show for an all around makeover experience, and you won’t believe your eyes! Before he went in for the big cut, Joe’s locks were actually longer than Angie’s, his girlfriend!

Rachael pointed out Angie’s emotional reaction to seeing this transformation happen before her eyes as she sat in the audience.

“I’ve never seen him with short hair before!” Angie replied.

When the couple initially met, Joe’s hair was still long! She had never seen him with any other hairstyle and couldn’t wait to see his new look.

In the video below, you can witness Joe’s transformation for yourself, including his before and after looks. The guest stylist mentioned hoping Joe like the cut as much as he did, as he intends to keep going to that restaurant!

During the big reveal, Rachael called out for Joe to walk on stage. The new and improved Joe was a hunk, and had the smile that showed his approval. Angie, his girlfriend, jumped up on stage and couldn’t resist running her fingers across his newly cut hair.

Here’s to another successful makeover with Rachael Ray.

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