Man Surprises Girlfriend By Dressing Their Newborn In A Marriage Proposal Onesie!

This is the cutest proposal of all time!

Shane Brinkley wanted to propose to his girlfriend, the mother of his child, Lauren French, but he wanted to make it extra special…


Just moments her birth, Shane dressed their baby Nevaeh in an adorable onesie that had an even more adorable message: “Mummy, will you marry my daddy?” 

He handed Nevaeh over to Lauren, and as soon as she saw the onesie she broke down. She was so surprised that she was left speechless! It took a moment, but eventually she did of course say ‘of course’, and the couple shared a beautiful kiss with Navaeh in their arms.


Shane had been planning the amazing proposal for eight months.

The couple have brought their daughter home, and are living happily as a young little family. They’re planning on tying the knot in 2018. Hopefully Nevaeh stars in the wedding invitations too!


It was already surely the most unforgettable, amazing day in and Lauren’s life – but Shane found a way to make it even better!

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