Man Stands Outside His Home As It's On Fire, Young Neighbor Boys Ask if There Are Kids Inside, And He Says "Yes"

You’ll never believe what happened next!

These two heroes deserve the highest rewards!


In July of 2015, Jeremiah Grimes and Isaiah Francis, 11 and 10 years old respectively, were enjoying an afternoon playing on their video game consoles when they recognized the smell of smoke.

The two boys from Orange County, Florida then took a look out their window and realized that the house next door had been set on fire!

The friends immediately ran outside, spotting the man that they knew lived there standing outside searching for water. The two assumed that he was the father, and the boys asked if there remained any children inside the building.

“Yes,” he said. He revealed that the kids were still inside the kitchen. The boys immediately called 911, but that wasn’t all they did.

Despite their own fear, Jeremiah and Isaiah “got through their fear” and acted in a way that only kind-hearted and caring heroes would.

They couldn’t just sit back and wait for the firefighters as the home continued to burn with the kids inside, so they took the greatest risk of all and ran into the blazing building and through the flames.

“When I went inside all you could see was pitch black smoke everywhere. I couldn’t see that [well],” Francis said to the local Wesh 2 News. “It felt like it was 150 degrees in there.”

The friends did not come back alone! Take a look at the video and find out what happened!

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