Man Spots An Injured Dog On The Train Tracks, Then Watches An Unlikely Hero Save The Day

Absolutely no one could have predicted what happened next!

When Denis Malafeyev spotted an injured dog resting on some train tracks, he was clueless as to how the animal had even managed to survive so long, but what happened next surprised him even more!

via The Mirror

It was Christmas day. Denis Malafeyev was the unlucky man dispatched to the seemingly horrific scene. The kind soul prepared for the worst after being told a pair of loving dogs wouldn’t leave one another’s side after being badly injured on the Ukrainian railroad.

After running up and down the train tracks in a frantic search, Malafeyev finally located the poor pups. It was clear almost instantly that one of them, later named Lucy, was completely immobilized by the previous steam engine that had rushed by.

With almost no time to react, the man stood paralyzed on the sidelines while another train shuffled towards the loving pair. Then, something absolutely incredible happened.

The Mirror

Noticing the massive mound of steel barreling towards him, the uninjured dog, known as Panda, stood his ground. Even more impressive and far more inspirational than that, he completely covered Lucy, forcing her little wet nose as far into the gravel as possible.

Malafeyev was simply astonished. It was as though the animal had no regard for his own well-being and solely wanted to protect his mate. In the truly amazing footage below, Panda actually saved his ‘girlfriend’s’ life.

After the train had rushed by, the considerate pup stood by Lucy’s side, offering a gentle and comforting few licks. However, it was a totally different greeting for Malafeyev.


Trying to approach the injured dog, he was met with harsh growls and an angry Panda. The alpha male simply wasn’t allowing a single soul to come near his beloved Lucy.

“Several attempts to remove the animal off the rails were in vain,” Malafeyev posted in his story to Facebook.

Malafeyev knew he had to earn the animals’ trust before attempting to rescue the injured pup. Finally earning Panda’s confidence, the Ukrainian was able to “get close enough to pick up Lucy from the tracks.”


As it turned out, the poor dogs had been stranded on the tracks for an entire 48 hours before help arrived! With quick-thinking, the rescuer placed the pair safely in the back seat of his heated car, carefully wrapping them in blankets.

After the tumultuous experience, one thing was for certain: Malafeyev would never forget the most loyal, self-sacrificing, and caring pup he’d ever met.

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