Man Snaps Photo At A Cemetery. When He Takes A Look, He Spots A Creepy Face Staring Back At Him.

This is why you never go to cemeteries after sunset…

Sometimes your mind can play tricks on you and make you see the unbelievable..

While our brains are supposed tell us what we’re actually looking at, our imaginations are sometimes left free to decide the endless creepier possibilities.

Not everyone believes in paranormal or spiritual activities, but what one man managed to catch on camera as he walked through this graveyard after sunset just might make you a believer.

Bertnz, a member on Reddit, snapped this completely freaky photo of a graveyard one windy evening around 10 years back. See anything terrifying yet?

Reddit / Bertnz

How about now?

Reddit / Bertnz

Yeah, the photo isn’t the best of qualities, but it certainly appears to show something face-like in the left side of the picture.

Reddit / Bertnz

Did Bertnz capture a ghostly visitor from beyond, or did we let our minds play tricks on all of us yet again?

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