Man Sits Down To Play Video Games After Work, But Adorable Cat Keeps Interrupting For Attention

Nothing is worse than a disruption in some much-needed rest and relaxation- except when it’s because of a cute little fuzzball, of course!

If you have to get up early for work or have really long shifts, you almost always know exactly what you’re going to do the moment you step back in through the door of your home…


Whether it is unwinding on the couch with a cup (or bottle) of wine, watching some mindless television, taking a long, hot bath or getting to bed early for once, you probably cherish each and every moment of your free time.

Regardless of how you spend that time, it’s something you eagerly await after every busy day, especially if things were rough at work. Those moments get ridiculously frustrating when you get an interruption in your plans of relaxation.

If you’re a cat-owner, you know better than anyone else that these fluffy little guys are the biggest plan destroyers. Like when they decide that you’re done doing chores and distract you until you just can’t go on, these cuddly pals have to insist that they get the most attention possible when you’re around.

Even though Alexander admits how frustrating Nala, his cat, can get while she interrupts his video game session after a tough day, he knows that the adorable little girl just can’t be turned away!

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