Man Sees Something Stuck In Creek And Thinks It's A Beaver, He Gets Closer And Is Shocked To Find Something Else!

You have to hear the lucky story of the dog that gets a second chance!

A resident at Broken Arrow named Jim Passmore had taken his dogs for a walk by the creek when he came across an unusual sight. He noticed a large distressed animal had somehow gotten trapped in the water…


At first sight, Jim thought he had spotted a beaver. But at second glance he noticed it was actually an elderly dog. His new name would soon become Teddy.

Jim immediately called in for help from the authorities in order to help with the rescue mission.

The eight-year-old dog in distress seemed to have been hit by a vehicle, causing him to fall into the river, trapped due to his overweight and old age.

Fortunately they managed to rescue him just in time, where he now has a second chance at life recovering well at the Alta Vista Animal Shelter.

Surprisingly, this wasn’t his first rescue!

He was previously scheduled to be put down at the Broken Arrow Shelter, however was luckily saved by the Oklahoma Alliance for Animals with the hope of finding his owners or, at the very least, give him some more time to find a new family poor Teddy deserved.

Although he is still recovering and has yet to be adopted, the group is hopeful this adorable old dog will soon have the chance to live out the rest of his life in a warm and loving home.

If you would like to donate towards Teddy’s cause, you can find more information on the Oklahoma Alliance for Animals’ website, and don’t forget to SHARE this heartwarming story with everyone you know!