Man Reads His Wife's Diary, Then Writes A Rap About Her Body Issues

A truly heartwarming story.

It was stated by Glamour Magazine that ladies have 13 negative body considerations each day. Furthermore, an exasperating number of women admit to having up to 100 negative thoughts about their shape every day. In this video, you’ll meet a lady who beats herself up over her weight…


She always measures herself in the washroom, feels despicable about the way she looks, and is mortified to be associated with her significant other.

In any case, her better half has something he needs to say to her — that she’s excellent, and that he cherishes her.

The words you’re going to hear were composed and performed by her significant other, Khari Toure — an Oakland, CA-based creator, spoken word craftsman, and artist. He starts by saying he discovered her weight reduction diary and was devastated to read her words.

“I put your diary down in light of the fact that I don’t prefer to peruse about you putting yourself down,” says Toure. “What’s more, I seek you’re not distraught at me after perusing your diary, so I composed this sonnet to advise you that the affection I have for you is unceasing.”

Watch the video beneath to hear the stunning song in full.

To every one of Khari’s fans who likewise battle with their self-perception, he has this to state: “A man who really cherishes you will look past your physical appearance, and develop to love you for your identity, not what you resemble.”

Marriage is characterized as the, “socially or ceremonially perceived union or legitimate contract between life partners.” Along with the bond of marriage, comes the commitment that every partner will do everything in his or her energy to bolster the other.

Sometimes, having the awareness to notice that your life partner is confronting an issue is a large portion of the fight.

Always try to notice if your significant other is having issues or is at peace with their personality.

A few lines from Khari Toure are as follows:

“Do it for yourself and your health. In your journey to become lean, you can always lean on me.”

“I could care less if you have a slim body, because I love you for the qualities that you embody.”

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