Man Notices Lights On In His House, Then Finds Woman Who Had Been Hiding In His Attic For 3 Days

When Wahlman went to bed, he jolted awake because he heard noises coming from his attic.

Monday, July 18 was just a normal day for Davis Wahlman but his night would turn into a situation many people have nightmares about.


On that fateful Monday evening Wahlman pulled up to his house and noticed that some of the house lights were on. As he walked through the door he dismissed any fears and went about his normal evening activities.

But when Wahlman went to bed but just a few short hours later, he jolted awake because he heard noises coming from his attic.

“I hear rummaging around up above me, which I know is the attic. And so, I’m like, ‘That’s kind of weird,’ Davis explains in the video below.

Wahlman made his way up the stairs to find the source of the noise. He saw a light coming from his office, so he hesitantly knocked on the door. An unknown woman’s voice replied: “Jimmy? Is that you, Jimmy?”

Wahlman stayed surprisingly calm calm. “No, it’s not Jimmy,” he replied. “Who is this and why are you in my house?”

As the door opened, Davis Wahlman saw the face of a woman he’d never seen before. The woman stated that this was her house and that a man, Jimmy, had told her she could live there. She also shared that she had been living in the house for the past three days!

Wahlman attempted to keep the woman inside his house until the police arrived, but she somehow managed to flee from the house. He hasn’t been able to figure out who this mystery house squatter is and how she ever got into his home. He has has since changed his lock, with the hope of deterring visits from any unwanted guests

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