Man Finds A Stray Dog Lying In The Snow, Then Discovers 4 Pups Hiding Under Her Belly

This rescue worker got a big surprise!

It’s a sad fact of life that countless cats and dogs are abandoned and forced to live on the streets, battling against the elements and the dangers of the world. Fortunately, rescue workers do what they can to help. When one worker stumbled upon this stray dog, he got a big surprise!

Facebook / Pound Buddies

A concerned citizen spotted this dog walking around the streets in the frosty winter months. The person called up ‘Pound Buddies’, a local rescue shelter, who sent out one of their workers to investigate.

Facebook / Pound Buddies

The case was of particular urgency as the dog appeared to be pregnant.

When the worker arrived on the scene, the animal had actually already given birth. The new mom was found lying in the snow.

Facebook / Pound Buddies

But when the rescue worker got closer, he noticed something else! The mom was lying on top of her four newborn puppies, who were all desperately snuggling together in order to try and stay warm.

Facebook / Pound Buddies

Fortunately, the worker was able to put a collar around the mom’s neck and lead her, and the pups, to safety. The family was taken to the local shelter, where they were given food and warm blankets.

Facebook / Pound Buddied

Some stray dogs can be quite vicious, but this one seemed to understand that the workers were trying to help. She stayed calm and friendly the whole time.

Facebook / Pound Buddies

You’ll be glad to hear that all of the pups survived this ordeal and the family is doing great!

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