Man Drops Phone In The Lake, Finds It Over A Year Later

During an ice fishing trip, the man prioritized a fish over his iPhone.

During an ice fishing trip, Michael Guntrum failed to secure his iPhone. The result? Watching helplessly as his phone fell to the bottom of a freezing cold lake.


Of the event, Guntrum recalls that the weather was perfect for ice fishing.

“We were having negative-25-degree weather, so me and two buddies went ice fishing.” Guntrum explained.

Guntrum was excited when he felt a bite on his rod.

“I laid the phone on my lap, and it slipped off. Instead of landing flat in the snow, it hits its edge and rolled into the hole. I caught the fish – it was a blue gill – but it wasn’t worth it.” He said.

Guntrum accepted that he was going to have to start the new phone journey.


However, in an interesting turn of events, the lake had to be drained because of a structural issue within the dam.

A year later, Daniel Kalgren, full-time engineer and part-time treasure hunter, decided to take his metal detector to the old lake to see what he could find.

His metal detector soon went off and below six inches of mud was Guntrum’s old iPhone 4. Not expecting the device to work, Kalgren took it home, cleaned off the mud and placed it into a bowl of rice to dry. After two days on charge, the phone came back to life.

Daniel Kalgren

Eager to return the phone, Kalgren looked up Guntrum’s number.

“I had just been talking about that lake early that day. It was eerie,” Guntrum recalled.

“He sent me a picture and asked, ‘Does this look familiar?’ and I recognized the screensaver.”

The solid Ottorbox phone case most likely had a lot to answer for the miraculous resurgence.

Currently, the iPhone is on the way to Guntrum via the postal service.

However, the reunion is too little too late, Guntrum has already found a replacement.

“My mom needs a smartphone, so I’ll give it to her.” He said.