Mama Bear Saves Baby From An Oncoming Vehicle

Bears are very protective of their kids!

Have you heard of the term ‘mama bear’? Of course you have. But why don’t we use any other animal name when referring to a protective mother?


Well that’s because mama bears are the fiercest of all the mothers in the animal kingdom.

A recent video, captured and shared by Ricky Forbes, a user, demonstrates just how apt the title of ‘mama bear’ really is.

The video shows a mother bear rush to protect her baby bear, who has gotten stuck on a busy highway.

The little cub got stuck on the highway as he was unable to keep up with his mother’s longer strides. Things could have gone real tragic real fast if the cub had taken a wrong turn, thus stepping in front of a moving vehicle, but mama bear swept in to the rescue, literally. She picked her young one up and carried him off the highway to safety.

The video was captured in British Columbia’s Kootenay National Park. We’re all glad that the mama bear’s instincts were so swift. It’s a testament to the power and strength of mothers everywhere.

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