Major Supermarket Recalls Have Caused A Hummus Shortage In The UK And People Are Panicking

How will people cope without hummus!?

Multiple supermarkets all over the UK were hit by hummus shortages after retailers withdrew several chickpea products as a result of “taste issues”.


Sainsbury’s stated that many customers complained about the taste of their ready-made hummus, saying it tastes odd and abnormal, so they begun to withdraw multiple lines of the chickpea product in order to investigate the quality issues with suppliers.

Customers of both Marks and Spencer and Sainsbury’s posted frustrated images and messages all over social media following the discovery of many local stores’ shortages of the popular Middle Eastern dip.

According to some of the posts, a few stores, including those in Manchester and Chiswick, posted signs letting customers know that their stock of hummus is temporarily depleted “due to a production issue”. They apologized for any potential inconveniences this may have caused.

Naturally, people all of the UK took to social media to express their frustrations:

One helpful branch of Sainsbury’s in Surrey went so far as to include a hummus recipe for those who were disappointed to find a lack of the delicacy in stores:

A representative for the supermarket confirmed that lines had to be withdrawn after the discovery of a quality problem, reported The Independent.

“We’ve temporarily removed a number of houmous lines from sales due to a production issue at our supplier,” the spokesperson said.

Marks and Spencer had also been affected by this shortage, however they bounced back Thursday.

“Some of our houmous products were temporarily taken off shelf due to a supplier issue,” said a spokesperson. “We can reassure customers that our recipe hasn’t changed and that houmous is now back in store.”