Major Cities Are Taking A Stand, Controlling Inhabitants With These 13 Simple And New Additions

You’ll be shocked at #8!

City planners are taking a stand in their communities, tweaking and modifying existing structures to do away with negative behavior. Cutting down on crime and upping law enforcement, these new urban ‘building solutions’ are sending a crystal clear message to citizens that bad behavior won’t be tolerated.

1. Some urban areas are doing their best to eliminate ‘bridge sleepers.’

The homeless population of Guangzhou, China found it nearly impossible to enjoy a good night’s rest or seek shelter under the freeway overpass after the addition of these concrete spikes. In reality, that was kind of the point.

via Daily Mail Imagine China / Caters News

2. The armrest sitting directly in the middle of a park bench has 0% to do with comfort.

As you might have guessed, these metal frames were also designed to keep the homeless at bay during the night.

via TimberForm Broadway Benches Columbia Cascade

3. In reality, some cities are implementing benches that weren’t even designed for sitting.

Known as the ‘leaning’ and ‘half benches,’ these structures completely prevent tired citizens from even taking a load off. Not surprisingly, senior citizens in Hawaii are criticizing the new designs, stating they are unable to simply sit and wait for the bus.

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4. Escalators are actually strategically placed for a specific reason.

Forcing consumers to enjoy an extra long walk around the mall (aka window shop more stores), malls are advertising to buyers while hardly trying.

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  1. Assholes!!!Homeless are people too if it would be by comparing you are the poor ones in this equation and guess what in the most valuable spot (heart and soul)