Loyal Dog Saves Old Woman From Dying After She Fell To The Floor

The 91-year-old owner would not have made it, had it not been for her pet shih tzu.

91-year-old Doris Jenkins was about to change into her night clothes the evening that it happened. She briefly removed the medical alert bracelet that she was made to wear, and went to get her medication from the kitchen.


In an unfortunate turn of events, Doris had a severe reaction to the medication, causing her to fall to the ground. Recounting the event, she said, “I took my medication, it hit me, and the blood clots hit my legs and I went to the floor. It was like pain I have never felt before in my life.”

As hard as she tried, she couldn’t get off the floor and stand up, so she crawled to the front door and screamed for help. Noticing his owner on the ground, her pet dog, Oreo, ran up to Doris, scared for her life.

Doris recalls taking Oreo in her arms, saying, “He was really terrified. I just took him in my arms and I said, ‘Oreo, mommy’s hurting really bad honey. You’ve got to go get help for mommy, go get help.’”

Normally, if Oreo was let out, he would only sniff around the lawn and pee. However, Oreo was a smart dog who knew what to do, so he ran out of the house and rushed across the street, straight to the senior people facility’s caretaker.

With her urgent signals, Oreo managed to lead the caretaker back to Doris, who was laying on the ground crying for help. Paramedics were instantly called to the scene and Doris was taken into surgery.

Once out of surgery, Doris explained Oreo’s terror and misery, saying, “I just held him as close as I could. Oreo saved my life. I would have died. My lady said she had to come pull him, literally pull him out of my arms. He wouldn’t leave me.”

Doris was soon on the road to recovery. Despite what many may say about the hassle of owning a pet at such a late age, Doris would not have it any other way. She loves her faithful dog for saving her life.

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