Looking Like A Simple Road Rail, Bright Yellow Invention Is Changing The Game In Traffic Safety

This thing will save lives!

ETI, the South Korean mastermind behind the latest and greatest road safety mechanism, is saving lives while serving a better purpose. Their new roadside barrier might look simple, but it’s much more technical than you might think!

via For The Cars

Designed with a dual purpose in mind, the advanced piece of technology will actually prevent vehicles from sliding off the highway as well as protecting passengers in vehicles that accidentally skid into the barriers.

via For The Cars

Similar to a standard road barrier, ETI’s version is still constructed from a steel frame. However, the patented and brightly colored plastic ‘rollers’ are the device’s secret weapon.

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Attached to the metal while still leaving ‘gaps’ between themselves, the yellow coils absorb the brunt of the shockwaves from a crashing vehicle, while the steel reinforcement helps to keep a sliding car on the road.

via For the Cars

While those ideas do seem to be great in theory, we’ve been wondering how realistic they actually are. Luckily, ETI has provided some impressive, action-packed footage to put all the rumors to rest!

Once you get a look at the ‘yellow rollers’ in action, you’ll understand why this simple road barrier is completely changing the game when it comes to safety.

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