Little Girl Is Home Alone And Spots A Stranger Lurking Outside, Then She Decides To Film Him

This 12-year-old came up with the smartest way to handle a potentially terrifying situation…

Back in 2015, Taylor Blanton, 12, was left home alone, and sat around playing some video games as she waited for her mother to get back from work. She became aware that something was wrong when she spotted a man outside her house, lurking…

When the potential burglar attempted to break through her house’s front door, young Taylor was freaking out, as anyone would, however she managed to keep her cool in an incredible way.

Taylor ran across her kitchen, but watched every movement the man made. At that point, he had continued to search for a different way to get inside the house: banging onto the garage door and lurking back and forth between her and the neighbor’s homes. She ducked underneath some furniture so he wouldn’t see her, then finally got to her own room. With her phone now available, she dialed 911.

This incredibly brave young girl managed to give the emergency operator very specific and important details regarding the intruder and his appearance. He was wearing a red shirt, baseball cap, and had a rag hanging out of his pocket. Her sly investigative skills don’t end there!

As she crouched underneath her room’s window, Taylor began secretly videotaping and catching pictures of the intruder before hiding back into her closet.

In the footage below, take a look at what occurred after the police came to the scene.

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