Little Boy Entranced In Video Game Fails To Notice His New Puppy

Getting his attention was hard, but then his little face lights up!

The best part of travel day is getting to waste countless hours immersed in your favourite media. For 5-year-old Tyler, he was keen to play his favourite video game… until he was rudely interrupted, that is! 


This sweet video, filmed in Spartanburg County, South Carolina, shows Tyler and his mother waiting for Tyler’s father.

Tyler is totally entranced with the video game device in his lap he doesn’t even notice his father approaching.

“Ready?” His father, Dan, asks.

Tyler, totally unimpressed that his game time is over, begins to pout.

However, when he finally glances up to meet his father’s gaze, the boy sees what his father is holding.

Previously, we’ve witnessed Dan holding up a dog crate for his viewers to see with an adorable 10-week-old puppy inside.

When Tyler sees the little white fluffball for the first time, his eyes light up with joy. Even as his parents ask him questions about the pup, Tyler’s eyes never leave his new little buddy.

According to Tyler’s dad, the puppy had been a long-awaited gift for his hard-working son.

His parents warned Tyler about the responsibilities of owning a dog, to which Tyler then handed over the entire contents of his piggy bank, worked hard at school and took on extra chores to show his dedication.

This is one determined and dedicated 5-year-old!

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