Let's Take A Closer Look At Disney's Magical Avatar Theme Park Attraction!

It’s like you’re in the movie!

Walt Disney has made a brilliant effort in recreating the mystical world of Pandora, from the movie Avatar. If the hype is anywhere close to the real thing, I’m going to have to pack my bags and go myself pretty soon.

Set to open almost two months from now, Disney’s newest endeavor will be its most fascinating.

The theme park will attempt to capture the alluring mystique of Pandora, the alien world featured in the movie Avatar, and will feature walks under the floating mountains and boat rides through a luminous rainforest, among a bunch of other great attractions.

The journey’s end will be punctuated by a Na’vi shaman, who plays music to send her positive energy to her surroundings.

“From the place-making to the two extraordinary attractions that will be in the land – both the Na’vi River Journey as well as Avatar Flight of Passage – these promise to set new high-watermarks for our experiential magic we give our guests,” said Bob Chapek, chairman of Disney Parks and Resorts.

Those in high anticipation of the world of Pandora’s return to the big screens can take solace in the fact that they can now stroll around in it.

Walt Disney has brought CGI to life in its brand new Avatar theme park in the video below.

Visitors explore the magical world of Pandora.

The mystic bio-luminescent rainforest is expected to awe all who enter.

And, of course, a boat trip across the river is expected.


It will feature a variety of Pandorian fauna.

As well as the floating mountains.

The new attractions will be located in the Animal Kingdom park. Watch the video to get hyped.

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