Kind and Caring Nanny Is Embarrassed By Her Own Home, So Her Boss Decides to Do Something About It

I wish every boss was as caring as this!

Sylvia Nunez has been an amazing nanny to TV host Emily Henderson’s kids…


Sylvia is a staple in Emily’s home. She lovingly takes care of her children with a great spirit and fun energy.

After Emily heard that Sylvia was unhappy with the state of her home, she knew that, being the home stylist she was, she would have to do something to change that.

Sylvia confessed to hating her dark, dreary decor, and her son expressed his hope to “walk into a house and feel peace and serenity”.

When Henderson heard the families disappointment, with help from superstore Target she put her skills to work and morphed Sylvia’s plain house into a place that would make her and her family happy to come home to after a day’s work.

Sylvia’s husband and son were just as ecstatic. Their home is entirely unlike anything it was. It was unrecognizable from its previous state, as seen in the video below. Their reactions to the transformation was filled with tears of joy, and we’re sure you might drop a tear or two as well!

Watch the video here:

Video Credit: Emily Henderson

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