Kevin Bacon Opens Up About His Past As A Struggling Actor: ‘I Was A Cash-Only Kind Of Guy’

The actor spoke out about his wild past following the first season of his Amazon show.

Proper handling of personal finances is a difficult feat for many people – especially for a young Kevin Bacon, apparently.

The actor spoke to about his past as a struggling actor, proving that celebrities can struggle just like the rest of society.

Although Bacon is a Golden Globe – and Emmy – nominated star in the present day, he was not afraid to confront his days as an up-and-coming New York City-based actor who did not have much in his bank account.

“I had no budget, no savings, no credit cards, no bank accounts. I was a cash-only kind of guy,” the actor, 58, who is starring in the show I Love Dick said.

Regarding the days he had to support his potential acting career with waiter gigs, Bacon said: “I’d get paid out at the end of the night, spend some of it at the bar, wake up the next day and check my pockets to see how much money I had left.”

He added, “I’d hope that when the end of the month came around I’d have enough to put up another month’s rent.”

Present Day

Nowadays, Bacon stated that he is much better about spending his money. “It took me a long time to come around to the idea that you have to have a certain kind of responsibility with money, to keep an eye on it. To a certain extent, I still kind of struggle with it.”

He even still has his “cash-in-the-pocket” habit.

“There’s a kind of joy in seeing something in a store and being able to pull the cash out of your pocket and buy it for yourself,” Bacon said.

Bacon’s show I Love Dick is available on Amazon.