Karma Comes Back To Bite Buff Body Builder Poking Fun At Senior Lady Working Out At His Gym

He finally got a taste of his own medicine. Ha!

It’s pretty fair to say the gym environment can be quite intimidating if you’re not a frequent visitor. Think of how scared the first-timers must feel! While one brave and elderly woman took to the weights, one muscled and mean Conor Tisdell took to the internet … completely bashing and poking fun at her! Thankfully, it didn’t fly for very long. 


As one of Australia’s most popular fitness franchises, Go Health Clubs was in utter shock at the lack of respect Tisdell showed to his fellow gym rat. The buff bodybuilder completely disregarded the facility’s ‘respect procal,’ posting a video of an elderly lady who was working out at the gym. Tisdell also posted a bunch of demeaning and nasty comments about her to social media.

The poor woman Tisdell poked fun at was simply trying to exercise. Sure, she was using the weighted machines incorrectly, but she didn’t deserve a single ounce of what the man dished out!

Recording the senior on the pull-down machine, Tisdell captioned the footage with the totally rude comment “Epic bro gainz.” Luckily, there were kind and considerate souls standing by to hammer the gavel of justice.

Apparently, Tisdell’s ‘funny post’ reached the ears of the bigwigs. In a formal press release, the franchise assured the public “Conor Tisdell has been terminated for life from GO Health Clubs.” For LIFE! We’re betting he didn’t see that one coming! What can we say, karma will always get you in the end!

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