Just Bought New Tires? Beware of Scammers Who Make Used Up Tires Look New!

Be aware of the tell-tale signs!

No one likes to be forced into buying new tires, so don’t make it worse by buying fake ones!


Buying tires for your car is one of the most annoying tasks you get forced into doing. Who likes dishing out $200 for more for each pesky tire? Especially if you’re living on a small budget, this can be one of the worst sudden expenses you have to make.

Like many others, I don’t mind buying used tires. They look great, feel like new, and are way cheaper. If you can’t buy top-knotch, why not buy used? I can pretty much always pick out the best ones, I do that little penny test that tells you how good the tires are, and I think I can pretty much figure out how long I will have them for.

After watching this video, however, I will definitely be more careful the next time I’m out buying tires! Watching the re-grooving of a tire made me think that I should think twice before buying tires that are used ever again!

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