It's A Miracle! This Irish Setter Gave Birth To A Whopping 15 Puppies

This dog nearly broke the world record!

Just recently, Poppy, an adorable Irish Setter brought 15 gorgeous puppies to the world! That’s impressive considering the world record for pooches in a single litter stands at 16 pups…

The owner of the dog, Lisa, 40, located in Galashiels, Scottish Borders, was completely amazed to find that little puppies just kept coming! “I couldn’t believe it when we counted them and realised she had 15,” Lisa wrote.

She mentioned: “I just love how good-natured Poppy is and I want other families to have dogs just like her, that’s why I wanted to do this. She’s beautiful.”

“I took time off work to care for Poppy so she could be comforted when giving birth. Myself and Abi [the daughter] took turns to make sure she was ok during the birth.”

Thankfully, Lisa’s daughter adopted one of the pups herself so Poppy would be able to keep close to one of the adorable little guys. The remaining doggies are to be given to forever families that Lisa feels are responsible enough to buy and care for one.

She always emphasizes that her goal isn’t the money: “I’ll be heartbroken when they’re all gone. I thought about keeping them, but I think my husband would kill me.”

An Irish Setter named Poppy recently gave birth to 15 wonderful puppies!

The owner felt complete shock when she saw the puppies just wouldn’t stop coming out…

“I couldn’t believe it when we counted them and realised she had 15”