It Turns Out You're Annoying The Heck Out Of Your Dog

Can you tell whether your dog is frustrated or not?

You might be doing a few things that make your dog frustrated, without even realizing it. That doesn’t make you a bad owner; these things can be very hard to notice.

One way to check if your dog is worried is to check his eyes. When he gets worried, the whites of his eyes will become visible. He will also start exhibiting scared and repressed behavior.

Certain things you might be doing unintentionally can make your dog or dogs frustrated. If left unchanged, they can make your dog hostile and defensive. If it gets out of hand, dogs can develop behavioral problems.

Here are 11 things that you could be doing that might be annoying your dog. These things seem innocent on the surface, but can cause long term problems if left unchecked. We bet you already do a lot of these anyway. If you want the best for your buddy, try changing your behavior so you don’t repeat the following mistakes.


Wikimedia Commons / Mariano Szklanny

Dogs dislike it when you stare at them for long periods of time as they think you’re trying to intimidate them. The longer you stare at them, the more unnerved they get as they think you’re challenging them.

Tightly hugging.

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Your dog may be more sensitive than you think. It really does depend on the dog, but a recent study at the University of British Columbia has shown that a little over 80 percent of dogs are uncomfortable when hugged too tightly.

Toying with them.

Wikimedia Commons / Dan Bennett

Deceiving your dog by pretending to throw a ball, but not actually doing so, serves to frustrate your dog. All he wants is to play and your actions can be confusing as they can be alienating for your pooch.

Disappearing for long amounts of time.


Dogs are social animals and prefer to be in a group, rather than alone. Dogs tend to feel very lonely if you or anyone else in your household are not around. You should not leave your dog longer than four hours a day.

Leaving your pooch with too many other dogs.

Flickr / Brent Moore

Your dog can get very anxious if left in an environment with too many dogs, like a doggy day care. Make sure you take the precautions of not surrounding your dog with too many others, especially when your pooch is already a shy one.

Abruptly waking him up.

Flickr / Want2Know

Waking someone from a dream very suddenly isn’t just annoying, it’s also selfish. Dogs tend to get angry and harbor resentment for you when you start doing this consistently.


Wikimedia Commons / Ellen Levy Finch

Even if you aren’t shouting at your dog, it can be incredibly stressful for them. Dogs will assume you are barking angrily at something and the whole event makes them more stressed and timid.

Not sticking to a schedule.

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Dogs are happy when they know what to expect. That way, they know when they will be going for a walk or eating. Not sticking to a schedule makes them unsure as to what to expect.

Scary sounds.


If your dog doesn’t like the way a vacuum cleaner sounds, try easing him into it, rather than exposing him to the sound all at once. You can try putting off using the vacuum and give your dog treats when confronting such fears.

Using too many words.


What you may not realize is that dogs hang on to your every word. They love learning new orders and following already existing ones, but it’s very frustrating for them when you speak too much, as they don’t remotely understand what it is you’re talking about.

Not letting him explore.

Wikimedia Commons / The U.S. Army

Dogs are very fond of exploring their environment by sniffing. They get whiffs of other dogs and find out about territory, as well as a lot of other things, when they start sniffing around. Not allowing them to do this deprives them of all of this, making them timid and defensive.

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