Israeli Minister’s Dress Causes Outrage at Cannes Film Festival

“Aggressive, cynical and opportunistic act.”

Israeli Culture Minister Miri Regev causes outrage at Cannes Film Festival by wearing a full-length dress with Jerusalem’s Old City, the Dome of the Rock and Tower of David printed along the hemline.


The Outfit 

Miri Regev, the Israeli Culture Minister, reportedly stepped out onto the red carpet of the Cannes Film Festival on Wednesday night wearing a dress that sparked great outrage. She was wearing a white and gold dress with Jerusalem’s Old City, the Dome of the Rock and Tower of David printed on the hemline.

“This year we are celebrating 50 years since the liberation and reunification of Jerusalem,” she said, in reference to the Six Day War in 1967 when East Jerusalem was annexed and claimed as Israeli territory.

“I am proud to celebrate this historic date through art and fashion, and I am happy that this work by Israeli designer Aviad Herman is so moving and honours the beautiful status of our eternal capital Jerusalem.”

Comments on the Dress 

Shira Pur, a columnist for Haaretz, a liberal Israeli newspaper said the dress was an “aggressive, cynical and opportunistic act.”

“It was yet another scene from the colonialist horror movie in which Regev stars and for which we are all cast, against our will, as the audience.”

Many have also taken to Twitter to comment on the dress. Some users claimed it was the “dress of the year,” while many others started photoshopping the dress to show what they viewed as an accurate representation of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict.

Bina Shah posted a picture of the dress photoshopped to the Western Wall separating Palestinian and Israeli territories with the caption: “Israeli Culture Minister Miri Regev wears provocative dress at Cannes. Someone on Internet redresses the problem (pun intended).”

More photoshopped images included pictures of bombs dropping on Palestinian territories as well as scenes of death and destruction from the Gaza Strip- all superimposed on the dress.