Introducing Bone Bone, The Giant Fluffy Cat Who Has Become Quite The Celebrity In Thailand!

Have you ever seen such a fluffy kitty?

Have you ever come across a cat with so much fluff it seems unreal? Introducing Bone Bone, the adorable teddy-bear like cat from Thailand.

This cutie has gained his fame in Thailand due to his massive size and irresistibly fluffy fur! Bone Bone has more than 30K Instagram followers and enjoys going on adventures in the park and climbing trees. Always looking sharp in his yellow backpack, Bone Bone is just too cute.

However, this little guy doesn’t like to be pet, despite how much everyone wants to cuddle him. Regardless, this fluff ball has gained the love of everyone he meets, and is always the center of attention wherever he is! Scroll down to check out some of his famous pictures!

How cute is this little fluffball?!

Look at those eyes!

Chillin’ on his slide.

A natural-born climber.

Resting after a long day.

He’s got his own fan club!

What a cutie!

Everyone wants a piece of him!

An award-winning smile.


Too adorable.

Bath time.

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