Instead Of Giving Them Christmas Gifts, These Parents Took Their Kids To Visit An Orphanage

We can all learn something from this family

After years of following the same old Christmas traditions, this family decided to do something completely different.


Sharny and Julius Kieser have enjoyed many Christmases with their six kids. Usually, they buy a whole bunch of presents and enjoy watching their children play with new toys and games.

But this year, the couple decided that it was time for a change. They didn’t buy their kids any gifts at all. Instead, the whole family paid a visit to an orphanage.

The Kiesers recently underwent a big lifestyle transformation. They decided to sell everything they owned in order to move away from their materialistic lifestyle. Now, they spend their days traveling around as a family.

On their travels, Julius and Sharny came across an orphanage. They took a look around and were blown away by the conditions that the orphans were forced to live in. The place was dirty and dangerous, but it was the best these abandoned children could hope for.

In order to offer their support at Christmas, the couple decided to do what they could to help out.

“We stopped off at a local supermarket and bought some supplies and gifts since the orphanage is not government-funded and could really do with some help. We had no idea what we were walking into,” Julius said.

Sadly, even with this generous act of kindness, the couple realized that they weren’t really making a big difference. They knew that the things they had bought would provide momentary relief for the orphans and workers, but, in the long-term, they were helpless.

“We thought we’d bought a lot and we thought it would make a difference, but we were shocked, humbled, and intimidated by the unending need for help that we just couldn’t give,” Julius said, before adding, ”No matter how much we try to live back in our lives again now, to mentally escape, a part of each of us is still there. The saddest thing is that we just cant help everyone.”

We can all learn something from the Kiesers. Even the smallest problems might seem to be too big for just one person to solve, but it’s still better to try to help than to simply ignore the suffering of others.

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