Injured Coyote Finally Gets Rescued And Can't Stop Smiling

After eluding capture several times, this coyote finally got the care he needed

Coyotes are sneaky creatures. This one was a little too sneaky for his own good. He was terribly injured, but still managed to evade rescue workers who were just trying to help him. When they finally did catch him, he had a huge smile on his face!

Facebook / Rideau Valley Wildlife Sanctuary

In November of 2016, some locals in the town of Ottawa, Canada, noticed a coyote roaming around a golf course. The animal was clearly injured and seemed to have lost large patches of fur. It was suffering from various injuries, along with mange.

The locals decided to get in touch with animal rescue workers, who set a bunch of humane traps to try and bring the coyote in safely for the treatment it so clearly needed.

Unfortunately, catching a coyote isn’t as easy as that. Even an injured one. The animal followed its natural instincts and managed to evade the traps for quite a while.

Rideau Valley Wildlife Sanctuary

After a little while, the animal was finally caught.

Workers were shocked when they saw the full extent of the coyote’s injuries. His pelvis was shattered and his fur had almost all fallen out due to the mange.

Rideau Valley Wildlife Sanctuary

“He was in really rough shape when he first came to us,” said Sarah Beauregard, the animal-care coordinator at Rideau Valley Wildlife Sanctuary. “We didn’t think he would make it through the first night.”

Rideau Valley Wildlife Sanctuary

Coyotes are normally quite dangerous animals, and humans are discouraged from approaching them in general, but this one actually seemed pretty friendly. He was obviously a little scared when he first got caught, but after seeing that the rescue workers were trying to help him, he actually started to smile!

“The thing that really gets me is his eyes,” Beauregard said. “Even when he was at his worst, there was a brightness and hopefulness about them.”

Rideau Valley Wildlife Sanctuary

The animal got the treatment he needed and began to recover.

“He is a sweetheart,” Beauregard said. “Coyotes are shy and timid by nature, but he seems to trust us and know that we are trying to help him.”

Rideau Valley Wildlife Sanctuary

The shelter will continue looking after the little guy until he’s well enough to get back out into the wild. The workers have really taken to him, but have been trying to keep their distance. If the coyote becomes too trusting of humans, it could get him into dangerous situations in the future.

Wikimedia Commons

While this coyote is pretty cute, you’re encouraged to stay away from these animals if you see them in the wild. They can be very dangerous. If you happen to spot a sick or injured coyote yourself, be sure to get in touch with animal control authorities in your area.