Indian Climber’s Body Found on Mount Everest, Weekend Death Toll Now At 4

A record number of people have been trying to scale the mountain this year, causing concern over safety.

The body of Ravi Kumar, an Indian climber, was found on Mount Everest on Monday, increasing this weekend’s death toll to 4.

district-illuminates-everest-everest-during-sunset-solukhumbu_9ee0d3e0-3f0d-11e7-8704-a81eba362f7d This weekend, the body of Ravi Kumar was found on Mount Everest after dozens of climbers set out to reach the top of the tallest mountain in the world. Kumar was one of four recorded deaths on the mountain over the last few days.

Death Toll

According to Arun Treks and Expedition, a trekking company, rescuers reportedly found the body of the Indian climber but were unable to get to him. Chhowang Sherpa, from Arun Treks had said: “A team of sherpas spotted his body some 600 feet below the route. We are planning to retrieve body but have not yet [decided] on when and how.”

The next day, there was another death on the mountain- Roland Yearwood, an Alabama doctor. Tourism officials as well as his trekking company confirm that he died near the summit as well, not for from the Nepali side where Kumar was found. Yearwood was a survivor of the 2015 avalanche in Nepal, and decided to return to the mountain for another climb.

Another climber, Slovak Vladimir Strba, died on Sunday. An Australian mountaineer was also found in the Tibetan region- 54-year-old, Francesco Enrico Marchetti. According to the Himalayan Times, he died shortly after experiencing altitude sickness.

Climbing Mount Everest 

This year holds the record of the number of people trying to scale Mount Everest, which raises concerns about the safety of the mountain – which is being impacted by environmental degradation. About 375 climbers have gotten permits for the climb- the highest number issued since 1953. On Sunday, there were around 60 climbers at the Nepal summit, according to authorities.

This year there were two victims of the climb- Ueli Steck, who fell during his training run, and 85-year-old Min Bahadur Serchan, who suffered a heart attack.