Incredible Japanese Artist Makes Stunning Works From Carved Fruit

Different and delicious!

Gaku is a Japanese artist who is stunning people with his carved fruit artwork. This popular trend is known as mukimono and is quite common in Japan.


Gaku adds his special touch to these exquisite carving patterns. Oranges, apples, broccoli, and bananas are used to create marvelous pieces of art.

Most of the designs are patterns, whereas some are designed to look like cartoon characters and fish.

If you think mukimono is an easy task, you’re wrong. As soon as the fruit is peeled, it starts oxidizing, which means that its color changes. These carvings require a quick hand and need to be finished within just a few minutes, otherwise they are left incomplete.

An X-Acto knife is the tool used by Gaku and he uses normal fruit from the ordinary grocery store to create art.

His suggestion for people looking to practice this art is to use a banana as a beginner, since it is cheap compared to other fruits and also easy to work on.

He jokes that after he completes the work, he eats the fruit… apart from the peel.

He might have found this work to be attractive, but many people find it slightly disturbing. Maybe it’s the idea of creating artwork from something like fruit or the concept of not playing with your food that bothers certain people.

“This is cool, but also inexplicably creeping me out,” one person commented.

“This really makes me uneasy,” another observed.

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