If You're A Lover Of All Things Wine, This Amazing Fridge Hack Is A Life Changer!

28-year-old Clare recently made an amazing, life-changing discovery: water dispensers on fridges don’t have to dispense water. They can dispense wine, and from now on, they have no other purpose.

Wine is a wonderful, wonderful thing.


As we, as the human race, continue to explore our values, our culture, and the world we live in, one thing will always remain the same – wine is lovely, and chilled wine is even lovelier.

Finding the easiest, most convenient means of consuming chilled wine is perhaps may just be our purpose on this Earth, and now, one 28-year-old woman seems to have cracked the code with her brilliantly simple fridge hack.

You see, just because a water dispenser is called a water dispenser, doesn’t mean it can only dispense water. As a matter of fact, it can actually dispense almost every liquid! And they don’t just dispense, either, they chill too! There’s a lot more to your water dispenser than meets the eye. There’s wine. A lot of gloriously chilled wine.

28-year-old Clare had just bought her first house with her boyfriend, and, feeling like a true adult, decided to invest in a fancy new fridge. Almost immediately, the vino genius made the inarguably perfect decision to fill the tank of the dispenser with white wine, and, as she would put it, her “adult life just peaked”. 

And while the superb idea was met with a little criticism, namely from the French…

…Clare insists that the taste and quality of the wine wasn’t altered whatsoever by its new, magnificent home.

Meanwhile, the rest of Twitter are just in love with Clare’s revelation as we are:

Thank you, Clare, and your beautiful mechanical sommelier.