If You Use A Straightener, You NEED These 15 Useful Hacks

You would never have guessed you could do all this with one straightener right at home!

Straighteners can be used for a lot more than giving your hair a cool, sleek look. Check out these hacks and start putting your irons to use all around the home!

1. You can use it to fix frizzed up doll hair.

Ep Bot

2. Warn to make that gift picture perfect? Iron a wrinkled up ribbon flat.

Sew Many Ways

3. Get to those hard-to-iron areas between buttons on a shirt…

Real Simple

4. Use it to easily iron on colorful patches.

Feeling a Little Lunchy

5. Never forget to keep the flat iron squeaky clean!

All that pesky gunk tends to build up.

Melanie Olstad

6. Fix up your wrinkled sleeves…

Clementine Bean

7. Use ear guards to prevent any nasty burns while using your straighteners!


8. Use the appropriate brush!

The Beauty Department

9. Prevent fires or burns by getting a holster for your flat iron…

Simple Sojourns

10. Or you can even make a protector for your favorite tool on your own!

Creative Juices

11. Know exactly the type of waves or curls you’re shooting for.

The Beauty Department

12. Use a hair dryer to de-fog a mirror!

You might want to actually be able to see yourself in order to style your hair.

Real Simple

13. It happens to be much easier than you think to curl hair with a straightener. No need for any other tools!

Kourture Kiss

14. Don’t cheap out! Invest in the best straightener for your type and texture of hair.

There exists at least 3 different types of metals as well as loads of varying sizes that aim to achieve many different things. Choose wisely!


15. Don’t deny your hair protection from the heat.


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